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Advantages of buying in the primary and secondary market of Montenegro

The primary and secondary real estate market in Montenegro, like other countries, is distinguished by the legal details of transactions. Primary housing is, as a rule, bought directly from the developer company. But often after the object is put into operation, the developer transfers the ownership of the apartment to its affiliates, and then transactions take place on the secondary market, since the ownership passes from the first owner to the second, while the real estate itself is new.

Benefits of buying in the primary market of Montenegro from a real estate developer


It is advantageous to make a purchase at the stage of construction of housing being built, since the cost at the start of sales is always minimal. The cost of housing in Montenegro in the primary market at the construction stage, depending on the proximity to the sea: from 1200 euros / sq. m. - from 1500 euros / sq. m. - on the coast, in the cities of Herceg Novi, Bar, Budva. In remote from the sea, for example, Podgorica, the average cost is from 1000 euros / sq. m. In the secondary market in Montenegro prices: on the coast 1500 euros / sq. m. m., in Podgorica 1100 euro/sq.m.

Time saving

You save a lot of time checking the security of the transaction. So in the secondary market, when buying an apartment, you need to check the seller for legal capacity, check debts, and the absence of an encumbrance on the apartment.

Huge selection of offers

At the construction stage, it is possible to choose the area, floor, parking space, layout, decoration.

Saving money on repairs

When moving into a new building, for 5-10 years you will not remember and worry about the physical deterioration of engineering communications, as well as mold and other defects that can make housing unsuitable for living due to high humidity during the rainy season in Montenegro.


As a rule, supermarkets, pharmacies and other important facilities are now located in new multi-entrance residential complexes in Montenegro.

Advantages of buying an already built housing on the secondary market

Finished Infrastructure

Apartments on the secondary market, as a rule, are located in areas where the infrastructure is already developed. And if now in Montenegro there are already shops, pharmacies in new buildings, then for example, the infrastructure for pedestrians may not be developed yet, there are no parking spaces nearby.

Savings on repairs

Buying an already lived-in apartment, sometimes even with furniture, you can immediately move in after the completion of the transaction and save on repairs and purchase of furniture.

Photo by Anete Lusina: Pexels

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