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How to choose and buy an apartment in Budva

The city of Budva is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast of Montenegro and is the largest and most popular tourist destination that attracts tourists with its beaches, ancient architecture and Mediterranean cuisine. Buying a property in Budva means making a profitable investment and consistently earning income during the summer season, which lasts from May to September. Or you can rent out real estate all year round, which is also profitable and always in high demand among those who come here with their families or for work. It is also a good place with a mild climate and clean environment in order to move with your family and live here permanently.

Apartments on the first line by the sea in Montenegro are in high demand and the rental price per season exceeds other offers.

The advantages of buying a home in Budva or other cities on the coast, if you want to earn extra income all year round:

- demand for rent all year round;

- developed infrastructure;

- accessibility to the sea and beaches;

- high rental income and fast return on investment.

Our real estate agency in Budva, as well as other realtors on the coast, have the same price depending on the city. Renting real estate in Budva, Kotor, Tivat and other coastal cities during the season starts from 40 euros / day for an apartment and from 200 euros / day for a villa or a room in a house. Long-term rental for a year from 250 euros/month for a studio and 500 euros/month for apartments with one and two bedrooms.

GoMonte experts will advise you on the choice of real estate for investment in Montenegro. Get a free consultation or view our coastal properties in these cities. The cost of 1 sq.m of living space in tourist cities starts from 1100/sq.m. and every year it will grow. Investments in these destinations are profitable, popular among vacationers and quickly returned. If you want to live here permanently, we will tell you about the infrastructure and cultural life.

City infrastructure

The population of Budva is almost 14,000 people. Therefore, in the city itself and other nearby cities on the coast there are all the necessary services, both for those who come here to relax, and for those who live permanently.

The city is territorially divided into districts through which passes Jadranski put - a highway along the sea from the border of Croatia to the border with Albania. The closest areas to the highway and the sea are the Old Town of Budva (Stari Grad), Gosposhtina, Slavic Beach Area, Zavala. Apartments in this area will cost more.

These areas are considered the center and are comfortable for family living. There are more supermarkets Voli, Megamarket, where you can find all food and household chemicals, as well as school supplies.

Large shopping center TQ Plaza for shopping with the whole family. Italian, Turkish and Serbian brands of home wear, bags and shoes. On two floors there are different departments for adults, young children and teenagers: casual wear, shoes, sporting goods, backpacks, toys, bicycles, optics. There are also departments with household goods and utensils. The building houses a cinema, a gym, a grocery department and a pharmacy. Next to the mall, you will find a local market where you can buy vegetables and fruits from farmers, as well as fresh seafood, cheese and meat.

This area has all the necessary infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, beauty salons, pharmacies, dental offices, a clinic, medical laboratories, gyms, restaurants and cafes, gas stations and car washes. There is also a park and playgrounds.

Outlet stores are popular among tourists and residents, where you can buy clothes and shoes from past collections of any well-known brands at competitive prices.


Cultural life

In addition to a beach holiday, Budva has one of the largest water parks on the Adriatic coast and the largest Top Hill nightclub. We share other best places and events where you can not be bored to spend your free time and vacation:

Cinema for the whole family, which shows films and cartoons in English and Serbian. You can see all the novelties here or go to the capital Podgorica, where there is also a large cinema hall.

In summer, there is a theater festival that lasts almost a month. Theater troupes come from different countries: Croatia, Italy, Serbia, and theater actors from the capital always show their productions.

For lovers of noisy parties and festivities, there are three large nightclubs and various bars, where both local and visiting DJs, various musicians and Balkan pop stars perform.

There are four casinos in the community. Casino Queen of Montenegro in Becici, Merit Casino Royal Splendid in Becici, Maestral Resort & Casino in Przno, Avala Casino in Budva.

Exhibitions and museums are open all year round and you can learn new things and join the culture of Montenegrins. In addition to entertainment for adults, children's parties and sports family competitions, carnivals and national holidays are also often held. On the coast, in every cafe you will find playgrounds where you can have fun with your children, and in the evening you can relax with the whole family in these cafes to the sound of live music and eat pizza or seafood.


Weather and climate in Montenegro

Budva is the warmest city in the Mediterranean because the temperature here does not fall below 0, in winter it is 8 °C, in autumn it can be up to 30 °C, including November, when it starts to rain. In summer, the average temperature is 23 °C, the maximum temperature occurs at the peak of the tourist season and reaches 40 °C in the hottest months of July and August. Relative humidity is 60% in summer and 80% in autumn and winter. The water temperature in the season is from 14 to 25 °C.


Popular beaches in Budva and its environs


Mogren - one of the most beloved beaches by tourists, is located next to the landmark of Budva, the old town, where during the season you need to take places to relax from the very early morning. If you are a night owl and get up late, then it is better to go to Jaz Beach.

Yaz (Jaz) - 1,200 m long and with an area of ​​almost 23 thousand m², can accommodate many people for recreation. On the beach there are changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, bars with an excellent menu of soft drinks and dishes for the whole family. A large car park, where you can often see trailers from different countries coming for a long vacation, is paid. You can get to the beach by taxi, bus, rented car or small boat for only 15 euros.


Slovenian (Slavyansky) beach - located 10 minutes from the hotel of the same name and the city center.

Ploče - a stone beach on a promontory protruding into the sea, can also be reached by public transport or car.

Lučice is a small beach in the city of Petrovac, which is located 30 minutes from Budva, the water on this beach is considered the cleanest, because there are sea urchins and you must have slippers for swimming. The bottom of the sea is stone and you need to be careful. Also next to this beach there is a small wild beach, where a special boat delivers and picks up. In the city itself there are cafes, restaurants, small shops. You can take an excursion to the island, which is located in the visibility of the coastline and see a church with ancient architecture on this island.


Interesting facts about Budva

At the bus station there is a mini zoo and a cafe where you can come with children and look at decorative rabbits, peacocks, ducks for free.

Every year, a theater festival takes place within the walls of the old city, and in October, the Sweep Day, a favorite holiday for residents, where fish, wine and beer are served free of charge. There are art galleries, admission is free.

After 17 hours on all beaches you can use sun loungers and umbrellas and you do not have to pay for them, such is the law of this community.

Not only gulls, but even swans fly to the coast. For many years now, two swans have been arriving every winter.

There are no 24-hour shops in the city, only at a gas station and only one 24-hour pharmacy, near the health house (hospital).

On Sunday, no one works, as in almost all of Europe, this day is considered a day off. Only pharmacies, restaurants and gyms are open. You will not be able to use other services on this day.


How to get passive income and who to entrust the management of an apartment

If you decide to make an investment with subsequent profit, GoMonte will not only help you choose a profitable object for investment, but also provide the "Property Management" service. We completely take care of renting out your property: we help prepare an apartment, take photos, draw up a contract, find tenants. All you need is to leave a request on our website or give us a call.


Residence permit and citizenship when buying real estate

Foreigners can obtain a temporary residence permit in Montenegro when buying real estate here. Which must be renewed every year for five years. For the sixth year, you can apply to get a permanent residence permit. In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, one condition must be met: you can be absent from the country for 5 years of temporary residence only 30 days a year. Our experts will advise you and suggest all the necessary documents and tell you about the legal aspects of obtaining a residence.

You can also see in our article what documents are required to apply for residence by clicking here.

Citizenship in Montenegro for foreigners on real estate under certain conditions and under special investment programs, which are temporarily suspended.


We told you about the attractiveness of buying a home in Budva, popular beaches for which people come from all over the world. In our other articles, you can read what else is an attractive country and learn about other features of buying real estate. Check out our selection of the best residences to invest in this article.

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