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Top cities for moving in Montenegro: where it’s better and cheaper to live

An important factor in pricing when purchasing real estate is the demand for housing in a particular city. In order to profitably purchase an apartment, house or villa, you must first decide for what purpose you want to purchase a residential property. This could be: making a profit from renting or for the opportunity to permanently/temporarily reside with the whole family and obtain a temporary residence permit in Montenegro.

Thus, the top resort towns favorable for purchasing housing and renting it out for profit include: Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Sveti Stefan, Przno, Ulcinj. These cities are in high demand during the tourist season due to their proximity to the sea and airport, and the presence of developed infrastructure.

For a comfortable stay, settlements remote from tourism with affordable prices are suitable: Podgorica, Sutomore, Herceg Novi, Bar, Shushan, Stoliv, Zelenika.

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1. How to choose a city to move to

Choosing a place to move depends on your:

  • Personal preference
  • Budget
  • Moving purposes

Explore each city, read reviews on forums, and if possible, see the country. In our blog you will find many articles on the topic of how to obtain a residence permit, prices for goods and services, work, starting a business, useful tips on how to rent or buy real estate in Montenegro. It is important to determine your priorities, study all the information in detail and evaluate the possibilities. There are many opportunities here for opening a company and doing business, and low taxes.

2. Pros and cons of moving to Montenegro


1. Mediterranean climate on the coast: mild winters and hot summers. The amount of precipitation in winter during the rainy season is 200 mm. The number of sunny days is 227 days, with the hottest and sunniest month being August, the air temperature can reach up to 40 °C, and the water temperature is 18–25 °C.

Continental climate in the north of the country: consistently hot summers and low rainfall; in winter, temperatures can drop below +4 °C during the day and 0 °C at night.

2. Diverse nature, which pleases the eye and provides opportunities for active recreation in the fresh air.

3. Rich history and cultural heritage that can be explored and immersed in while living here.

4. Low taxes for business, for the purchase of real estate, for life.

5. Easy Montenegrin language, which you can learn in courses or on your own. Most speak Russian and English. You can also find Turkish cafes, restaurants, shops where they speak Turkish.


1. Expensive and difficult to access medicine. The cost of an appointment with a therapist in a private clinic starts from 40 euros. There are not enough highly specialized doctors, a limited list of medications and their costs.

2. Infrastructure still needs improvement in some areas. Narrow roads, lack of parking spaces.

3. Processes for obtaining residence permits, work permits, business registration, trademarks and other bureaucratic procedures can be complex and costly. The cost of opening a company in Montenegro is from 1000 euros. Read more about how to become a resident, terms and costs in our article: services/residence-permit

3. Top 10 cities in Montenegro for moving:

  1. Budva: The pearl of the Adriatic, beckoning with beaches, nightlife and history.
  2. Kotor: A museum city under UNESCO protection, charming with medieval architecture and cats.
  3. Bar: A large port city that combines dynamism and natural beauty.
  4. Tivat: A luxurious resort with a yacht harbor, attracting lovers of comfort.
  5. Podgorica: The capital of the state, offering all the amenities for life.
  6. Herceg Novi: With a rich history, famous for its fortresses and botanical garden.
  7. Ulcinj: Known for its sandy beaches.
  8. Cetinje: Imbued with the spirit of history and culture.
  9. Petrovac: Surrounded by ancient olive and coniferous trees.
  10. Becici: A picturesque resort, ideal for a relaxing family life.

Each of these cities has its own advantages: climate, nature, cost of living, architecture, beaches, attractions, schools and higher education institutions.

It is cheaper to live in Montenegro in small areas far from the sea and tourist infrastructure, where prices are lower and do not rise in the summer season, and you can easily rent there for a long term from 300 euros/month, sales price from 1100 euros/sq.m. 

4. Life by the sea. Features, places and mentality of residents

Life in Montenegro means waking up early in the morning, drinking a leisurely cup of coffee, then going to the bakery and buying fresh bread. On the way to the bakery, feed the cats or chat with neighbors about the latest news in Montenegro. Residents get up very early and work very hard: packing up and taking their children to school, doing housework, or going to work, which can often be in a neighboring village and take up a fair amount of travel time. The day off here is Sunday, when everything is closed except public catering establishments, where everyone gathers with their families and has long conversations.

Montenegrins are very hospitable people. But also here live Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Turks, Albanians, and many German residents who move here to live in retirement because of the cheap prices and warm climate.

1. Budva is a popular resort town on the Adriatic coast, attracting tourists with its sandy beaches, nightlife, restaurants and bars on the waterfront. Here you can practice water sports, visit discos and enjoy a beach holiday. Buying real estate in Budva will be easy and simple, since there is now a construction boom and there are many different offers from developers with cheap prices. Look at the offers on our website without commission: https://gomonte.me/

2. Kotor is a place on the shore of the bay of the same name, surrounded by fortified walls. Famous for its narrow streets, medieval architecture and cozy cafes. Here you can stroll through the old town, visit local museums and enjoy views of the bay, as well as chat with the local furry residents - cats, who are the symbol of the city.

3. Bar - famous for its sandy beaches and seaport. Life in Bar is imbued with a maritime atmosphere; here you can enjoy swimming in the clear sea, walks in the forest and visiting local markets, fish restaurants where you can try fresh seafood.

4. Tivat is a resort town on the coast of the Bay of Kotor, with yacht marinas, luxury hotels and luxurious restaurants. Here life embodies luxury and comfort, where you can enjoy walks along the promenade, visiting museums and brand stores. Apartments for rent in Tivat from 900 euros per month. The cost of housing for purchase is from 1,500 euros per square meter.

5. Podgorica is the capital of the state, located in the very center. It is distinguished by modern architecture, museums, theaters, and shopping centers. There is a wide variety of restaurants with different cuisines: Arabic, Asian, Italian, Chinese, Montenegrin.

6. Herceg Novi - located in the northwest of the Riviera. It has green parks, fountains, old buildings and offers opportunities for a relaxing holiday in nature, visiting historical attractions and atmospheric promenades.

7. Ultsyn - located on the southern coast and the border with Albania. It is famous for its sandy beaches up to 13 kilometers long and its quiet life.

8. Cetinje is a cultural capital with an atmosphere of antiquity and tradition, where various cultural events take place.

9. Petrovac is a small resort town on the sea surrounded by olive groves. Attracts tourists with cozy beaches, fish restaurants and a calm atmosphere. The main attraction is a small wild beach and a gorgeous park with fir trees. Renting real estate in Petrovac is cheaper than in other cities on the coast, compare prices here: search/rent

10. Becici - a resort village on the seashore belongs to the Budva community, famous for its beaches with fine sand, the sea, SPA centers and beautiful sunsets.

No matter where you want to live or what you want to do, the main thing is to choose a place that you like. Renting real estate in Montenegro may vary depending on the season and other factors: whether you have animals, proximity to the sea and the development of infrastructure. Look at the rental catalog on our website: https://gomonte.me/

Overall, moving to Montenegro can be an interesting and exciting experience for those who are ready for new challenges and adventures. It is important to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision. Read also: how much do goods and services cost: blog/post/23 Residence permit in Montenegro in 2024: blog/post/4

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