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How to profitably choose a property to buy or rent in Montenegro

The cost of buying and renting real estate in Montenegro is influenced by the following factors: remoteness from the sea, the presence of a developed infrastructure, the state of repair, the technology of building a building. Below in the article we will consider each of them and tell you how to profitably purchase real estate for temporary and permanent residence in ownership or rent.

Estimate object locations

The closer to the sea, the more expensive the cost of renting and buying. Also, if the city is popular among tourists, the cost per square meter will be higher than in less visited settlements. You can also save up to 10% by purchasing housing without a sea view, but close to it. You can read more about this in our article Top cities to move to Montenegro

Explore the Infrastructure

The more developed the infrastructure, the higher the cost. It is profitable to buy housing in small towns with less developed infrastructure and be able to be mobile. Also in this case, you will avoid such problems as lack of parking spaces and traffic jams during the tourist season. The cost of a home with a developed infrastructure will depend on how many additional options will be provided in the house: a landscaped courtyard, themed playgrounds, parking lots, and so on. The more developed the infrastructure, the higher the cost of the facility.

Check for defects

Be sure to inspect the premises, utilities, finishes and check the condition of plumbing fixtures.

If there are defects, discuss the possibility of their elimination, as well as the negative factors due to which they appeared and which affect living in the property of your choice. By discussing this at the stage of negotiating the deal, before concluding the contract, you will later avoid many troubles associated with repairs.

Take an interest in building construction technology

It is generally accepted that the most budgetary technology is a prefabricated monolithic structure or, as they are commonly called, panels. Brick construction is recognized as the most expensive technology, but as a rule in Montenegro they practically do not build using this technology.

Facade cladding

Facade cladding can also affect the final price of an apartment. Cladding with decorative bricks increases the value of real estate.

If you are thinking about buying a property in Montenegro, check out some of the best properties from our catalog at special prices.

Photo by Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie: Pexels

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