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Buy real estate in Montenegro cheap

An article for those who are thinking about moving from their country, planning to buy property in Montenegro and get a residence permit. We talk about the pros and cons of living on the coast, how to choose real estate and make a profitable deal.

The largest catalog of real estate in Montenegro from the owners, without commission and photos, look on our website in The property for sale in Montenegro section. A large selection of furnished apartments in Budva with panoramic sea views, with a garage or a parking space, inexpensive apartments from the developer.

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Ways to buy an apartment in Budva or other cities of Montenegro inexpensively:

1 Distance from tourist cities

2 Discounts from the developer

3 Market seasonality. Take into account the market decline during the year

4 Floors. Choose less liquid lots with a low number of storeys

5 Urgent sales, discounts from sellers

6 Physical deterioration of the apartment. Select apartments in need of renovation

7 Buying a studio


Let's look at each of these options in more detail:

1 Distance from tourist cities

Briefly about the population and economic factors of Montenegro: geographically, Montenegro is divided into 24 communities. Population 621,873 people. The national composition of the population: Montenegrins - 43%, Serbs - 32%, the rest 25%. Religion: Orthodoxy - 74%, Islam - 20%. The largest cities: Podgorica, Cetinje, Budva, Niksic, Pljevlja, Bielo-Pole, Herceg Novi. Here is the lowest inflation to 1% and high economic growth, low public debt. Developed tourism and hotel business. The main income of the country from the tourist season.


When choosing a city for moving, we recommend paying attention to the following:

1 Availability of schools, colleges, kindergartens

2 Primary or secondary housing

3 Availability of infrastructure (private clinics, supermarkets, car services)

4 Tourist attendance of the city

5 Cost of utilities

6 Availability of heating, air conditioning

7 Internet speed


All these points affect the price per square meter if you want to buy a house cheaply. The more developed the infrastructure and the proximity to the sea, the higher the value of the property. Primary housing in new buildings from a developer outside a tourist city is always more profitable to buy than an apartment or apartment already furnished and ready for occupancy in the secondary market. Expensive cities include: Budva, Becici, Przno, Sveti Stefan, Tivat, Lustica, Kotor, Porto Novi, Porto Montenegro.


Top cities where to buy an inexpensive apartment, house or plot of land for development in Montenegro:

In the mountains, in the north: Cetinje, Niksic, Belopole, Ulcinj, Podgorica, Zabljak.

On the coast: Lastva, Dobrota, Dobro Voda, Sutomore, Stoliv, Petrovac, Melinje, Kumbor, Herceg Novi, Zelenika

Look in our catalog for offers by setting filters for the cities you are interested.

If you decide to buy an apartment in Budva, but would like an inexpensive option, look in our catalog for inexpensive studios, one-room apartments in secondary housing or from a developer. Also attractive in terms of price are objects on the ground floor (premiere) and those areas that are located on the outskirts of the main tourist cities, their cost is lower.


Pros and cons of living on the coast and the North of Montenegro

The coast is always noisy and cheerful in the summer, during the tourist season, and melancholic in the autumn-winter period. But you won’t be bored, because there is no central heating in the country and you will have to come up with a thousand ways to warm up. Immediately ask the experts about the insulation of the facade of the building, underfloor heating and air conditioners, which will save you not only in the heat, but also help you reduce electricity costs in winter, they can also be heated and it costs less than heaters.

All new buildings are most often already insulated, but old buildings with ancient architecture do not have insulation and sometimes even warm floors. In the north, the cost per square meter is 20% lower, but keep in mind that the further north, the more snow and the likelihood that in winter you can be stuck in your city for a couple of days until the snow is removed. Therefore, we advise you to take a closer look at the small settlements on the coast, which we indicated above.


2 Discounts from the developer

The country has a large boom in the construction of new facilities and active economic development to attract more tourists. Therefore, developers offer good discounts at the first stage of construction, as well as when the house is ready for commissioning and commissioning. On our website you will find many offers with a good location by the sea at competitive prices at the completed stage of construction.

Advantages of buying in the primary market:

1 Modern architecture and layout

2 Low cost per square meter

3 Modern technologies: thermal insulation, sound insulation, underfloor heating, air conditioning, solar panels


3 Market seasonality

In the real estate market, like in any other, there is a seasonality in the demand for housing and months when offers fly apart after the first show to customers. Usually in the summer season, demand drops, because local residents are actively working in the tourism sector, and they buy housing in the fall and winter, when they earn money. Therefore, in the summer you have a chance to profitably buy property in Montenegro. So, in 2022, according to statistics, the cost of housing increased by 10% from June to the end of the year.


4 Floors

Another way to get a discount on an apartment is to choose less liquid lots, such as those in need of major repairs or located on the ground floor or top floor in an old building without an elevator. Look in our catalog for a selection of apartments on the 1st floor. In new buildings with a panoramic view, there are no discounts for the last floor, on the contrary, the higher the floor, the higher the cost.


5 Urgent sales, discounts from sellers

Very often, for various reasons, owners try to quickly sell apartments and lower prices. In December of this year, it was possible to buy an apartment in an elite complex with a discount of 30,000 euros. Follow our Instagram and stay tuned for new posts with special hot sale badges.


6 Physical deterioration of the apartment

It happens that the apartment needs to be repaired and then the sellers do not overestimate the cost of housing and even willingly bargain. There are few such offers, because usually all apartments in our catalog are in good repair, but there are exceptions, with slight physical wear and tear, where major repairs are not required, we also put them on sale. Consult with our experts.


7 Buying a studio

Another cheap way to buy housing on the coast is studios, which are often sold at low prices. Even if it is a studio in a new building, you still get a significant benefit. So in December 2022, studios on the secondary market in Budva cost from 45,000 euros for 22 square meters with furniture and decoration, and in new buildings with decoration, but without furniture, from 40,000 euros for 25 square meters. Sale of premium class studios with an area of ​​30 sq.m. with furniture in the center overlooking the sea from 90,000 euros in Budva and from 70,000 euros in the city of Bar.


How to make a deal online

Our real estate agency in Montenegro GoMonte provides the service "Buying an apartment without leaving your home online", you can select an object, contact our specialists and they will set a time to view the apartment, you can view the object online. If you like the object, the sale price will be fixed and you will make an advance payment to close the deal. Leave a request in any way convenient for you and our specialists will contact you and advise you. You can also rent for long-term rent online too.



Briefly about how much real estate maintenance costs, because it’s not enough to buy cheaply, you also need to pay monthly bills for electricity, water, Internet, tax, and insurance. The cost of utilities in Montenegro is also different and also depends on the municipality. The farther from the coast, the lower the cost for tariffs. And the second fact is that the cost depends on the time of day and day of the week, and therefore it is beneficial to use it at night and on weekends: from 23-07 hours in winter and from 24-08 hours in summer.

1 Electricity. There are several lower and higher tariffs, which depend on the time of day, and which model you have a meter also affects the cost. On average 0.050 EUR/kWh. Some modern houses have solar panels installed, which means you will pay less. There is a 5 percent discount for regular payers who consume less than 500 kWh of electricity per month. Now residents of the country are being urged to use electrical appliances economically to help overcome the situation with the expected shortage of electricity in the European market.

2 Water supply and sewerage. On average 0.50 euro/m3.

3 Heat supply. There is no central heating, but in winter it is necessary to heat the air conditioner, underfloor heating, if available in the housing, or heaters, so you can take into account the cost of electricity. On average, a family with one child pays 50 euros / month for electricity, but in winter this amount can be higher if the winter is cold.

4 Internet, telephony. Here, operators offer to save and connect packages that include Internet, telephony and TV. But many use only the Internet and the phone and it comes out not much more expensive. 4G from 20 euros / month, calls from 0.12 euros / minute.

See rates below for details.

5 Housekeeping and garbage disposal. Depends on the management company and the type of complex. In elite complexes, the cost will be higher, since it also includes cutting trees, lawns, and so on. In an ordinary house, tariffs start from 5 euros per month.

6 Real estate insurance. On average, 1-1.5 euros per m2 per year. Thus, insuring a small studio of 22 m2 will cost you from 33 euros / year.

7 Taxes. Each buyer must pay a 3% real estate acquisition tax, but this tax is not paid if you bought an object from a developer (legal entity), therefore, it is very profitable to make deals with developers and save on taxes.

There are other cases when the tax on the purchase of housing is not paid:

- When passing by inheritance of the first stage

- At the donation first stage

And others established by law.


Now you know how to buy profitable housing and how much it will cost to maintain it, you can also read our blog Prices for goods and services in the country, these articles will help you make a financial plan for moving.


Coastal apartments in Montenegro can be a good investment for passive rental income, as the demand for tourist services in this country is growing every year and real estate prices also continue to rise. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a home abroad, this sunny country has many advantages compared to other countries:

- Stunning untouched nature and Mediterranean climate

- Ecology, clean beaches and the sea

- Low taxes and fast payback up to 10% per annum

- High service level and developed infrastructure

- Tourist season from April to October inclusive, 7 months a year

- Opportunity to profitably rent for long-term rent, not only in season

Read more in our article How to hand over an object for trust management.


Our specialists will help you to buy a cheap apartment in Montenegro with full support and a secure payment method in euros or USDT, Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. In our catalog you will always find fresh options. Prices for the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023 from € 45,000 for studios of 21 m² and above. Prices are expected to rise in April due to increased demand, so if you decide to purchase housing for permanent residence, residence permit or investment in order to receive additional rental income, we advise you to actively start looking at options, new lots with low prices are sold out in a week.

Leave an online application or write to us on any of the messengers +382 69 777 680 Viber / WatsAap / Telegram, a specialist will contact you shortly.

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