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Benefits of remote work and living in Montenegro

If you work remotely and all you need is the Internet, but you can’t decide on the choice of the country you would like to move to. Read the experience of our friends who have already moved to Montenegro and talk about the advantages in comparison with other countries.

1 Climate

The first and most important advantage is the temperate climate. Compared to tropical or Arab countries, it is comfortable to work here almost all months of the year, with the exception of the summer period June-August, but air conditioners do an excellent job of cooling the premises. The air temperature in the hottest period reaches 40 degrees Celsius, the sea temperature is 20 degrees. The weather in winter is more rainy, but you can go north and ski if you get melancholy. The only negative here is the lack of centralized heating, but often houses have underfloor heating and heaters installed.

2 Security

The country is in the top safe, there are already video surveillance everywhere, and the police are always on guard.

3 Easy and quick to apply for a residence permit

You become a resident through the opening of an individual entrepreneur or LLC and do not suffer from traveling abroad to put the coveted stamps in your passport about crossing the border, every month or half a year, as, for example, in Thailand. The opening costs will pay off in a couple of months if you calculate how much you would spend on visaran. At GoMonte, you can study a detailed list of documents and the cost of services for legalization in Montenegro in the Residence Permit section. Citizenship can also be obtained, these are investment programs, but in 2022 they are temporarily suspended.

4 Availability of convenient co-working spaces and good internet speed

You can read about how to find a temporary or permanent space to work in our article Pros and cons of coworking spaces. The cost of the workplace is from 10 euros per day, which includes the use of the necessary equipment, water, tea, coffee and, of course, the Internet.

The speed of providers depends on the season and location. The closer to the capital Podgorica, the better it is. On the coast in the summer, you can sometimes notice slow work, which depends on the time of day, most often in the evening, when tourists return to their apartments from excursions.

Operators offer different tariffs:

From 11 euros for 50 Gb

from 20 euros for 600 Gb,

from 30 euros for 800 Gb

Mobile Internet from 5 euros for 2 Gb.

5 Cheap yearly rent

On our website you will find offers in the most popular cities on the coast, in Budva, Herceg Novi, Bar, Podgorica. Choose your options and book your viewing time.

6 Friendly society

On Facebook and Telegram, you will find many Turkish communities and groups that you can join, get to know, find people with similar interests, go on vacation together. You will always have someone to ask for advice or help, such as where to find the best burger, as well as other familiar goods or foods that you are likely to miss here, like many other immigrants.

7 Ability to visit neighboring countries without a visa and cheap air tickets

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania are countries that do not require visas and you can enter there if you have a residence permit or even if you do not. You can get a visa to Croatia in a few days, the cost in 2022 is 35 euros. The bus fare, for example, to Bosnia and Herzegovina is only 24 euros round trip per person. Comfortable buses, good roads and safe driving. Traveling here is a pleasure.

8 Good ecology and product quality

The best restaurants in Montenegro are located in the capital. But on the coast you can also find both Mediterranean and other exotic varied cuisine. The most popular are, of course, establishments that focus on local Montenegrin traditions, the check is cheaper than if you go to restaurants where Japanese, Chinese and Italian food is served. Also in all cities there is food delivery from restaurants and cafes to your home.

9 Beautiful views from the window of the house and car

If you are an esthete and want to not only eat beautifully in a new place, but also have a beautiful ride in a car or go out to your balcony with a panoramic view of the sea or mountains, then you are definitely in this country. On our website you can find great offers of houses or apartments with stunning views, as well as book them online. In Budva, Bar, Tivat and Herceg Novi there is always a long-term annual rental near the waterfront, as well as attractive prices to buy objects.

10 Active cheap holidays in Montenegro in summer and winter

You do not have to spend money on vacation, you can relax with the whole family without leaving the country among mountain lakes or coniferous reserves, which can be reached in a matter of hours, as well as see the sights or go skiing in the mountains in winter. Active recreation is also developed here: kayaking, SUP, water skiing, hiking in mountains and caves, excursions to canyons and historical sites. And you can drink coffee under a centuries-old olive tree or stroll through the old town with 16th-century architecture without waiting for a vacation.

If you have already decided in which city you want to live, read our blog How to profitably choose a property to buy or rent and Our services online. For the undecided, our article Top cities to move.


Photo: Oliver Sjöström, Pexels

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