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How to find a job in an IT company and move to Montenegro

Despite the fact that the country's economy is based on tourism, the development of information technology is also slowly, but still developing. In 2022, after the COVID pandemic, a large number of private international IT firms opened their offices in Montenegro. Gaming, outsourcing and product companies also relocated from different cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Only in the last two months, EPAM, game development studio Belka, Kofax have opened their offices. Their pages on social networks currently have vacancies for FullStack Developer, FullStack SAP ABAP Developer, Junior/Middle/Senior Java Developer, Junior/Middle/Senior Python Developer, Junior/Middle/Senior C++ (retrain Java) Developer.

An IT employee can move to Montenegro in the following ways:

- Employment in local companies;

- Digital nomad visa;

- Moving, opening a company and working remotely;

- Purchase of real estate and obtaining a residence permit.

In this article, we will look at the first way to get your position in a sunny country and move. We share the advice of those who have already gone through all the stages of immigration.

1. Evaluate your opportunities in the local job market

Analyze local job offers and pass test tasks. Jobs can be searched on the country's popular job site linkedin.com and in local chats, which became popular in 2022, with the relocation of IT companies. One of them is https://t.me/montenegro_it_jobs/29 Montenegro IT Jobs. These are vacancies in Russian, but there you can find vacancies for international companies where they speak English.

2. Decide on a location

After receiving an offer, you should find air tickets, an annual rental of housing closer to the office with good infrastructure. Please note that you need to have the amount for the first and last month + deposit. On our website, the following online services are possible: viewing rental objects and concluding a contract. Or you can choose options and book a showing for your arrival dates.

Be sure to check about the Internet in your area, the speed of local providers in different locations may vary. The best time to move is from September to April, when prices drop and you can rent an apartment or an apartment cheaply, even with a sea view. There are more options for long-term rentals in autumn, winter and spring than in the summer season of tourists.

You can find out the cost of apartments or houses for temporary residence using the search on our website.

3. Take lists

Ask the personnel department what original documents you need to bring with you: police clearance certificates, diplomas. Translation for them is done by court interpreters on the spot.

4. Find friends and ask for advice

Connect with the local IT community. There are chats in telegram and facebook where everyone communicates in English, learn about meetups and news, make friends.

5. Delegate and stay calm

You can organize the move yourself or use the services of our specialists who will help you choose modern and comfortable accommodation options in such popular cities as Budva, Bar, Herceg Novi, where most IT companies are located. Also in obtaining a residence permit, certification of the necessary documents by a notary and accounting support if you decide to move and work remotely in the mountains or on the coast.

This will save you time and help you avoid stress in an unfamiliar country without knowing the local language. Our specialists speak English, Russian and Montenegrin.

Successfully pass the interview stages, transport your cat and ficus to a place where it is always warm, join teams of experienced developers of international projects, launch your startups.

You can get more advice on moving and legalization in Montenegro by Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +382 69 777 680 or leave a request on the website.

If you are interested in relocation to Montenegro, you work in IT, as a designer, developer or tester, the following articles will also be useful for you:  a list coworking spaces.


Photo by: JÉSHOOTS, Pixels

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